Your Health . Your Meds
Never Miss a Medication Again with AiMed

Variable Dose

Know Your Medicine

Take a photo of your medicine to come up with a reminder that shows exactly the medicine to take

Any Medication

Set reminder for any medication from regular medication to health supplements to traditional medicine


Medication Photo

Take a photo of your medication and never again mistake medication

Set Reminder Time

Set your meal times to match your medication time

Visual Graph

Visualise your blood glucose level and blood pressure level to identify the effectiveness of your medication

Variable Dose

Simple but advance variable dose patterns for your medications

Refill Reminder

Set refill reminder for each individual medicine to ensure you never run out


Keep track of which medication and when the medications were taken

Share and Manage

Share your AiMed with family members or health professionals to let them help manage your medication


PRN record & fixed time between medication reminder


Track the effectiveness of your medication therapy by recording your blood glucose level and blood pressure

About Us

AiHealth is pronounced as ' Ai ' representing the Chinese character 爱 for love, and the word health.

"爱" is made up of "爫" and "夂", both meaning actions, and "心 (xīn)" meaning heart, giving "爱" the deeper meaning of "to love people through your actions and with your heart".

AiHealth - Action of Love through Health care

AiMed in New Zealand

We work with your local pharmacy to manage your medication, from setting your reminders to managing the delivery of your medications on the Wellworks app.